Monday, May 12, 2014

Favorite Habits from Mommy

As much as I'd love to ramble on about how awesome and amazing my mom is, I thought it would be more fun for you and myself to think on some mommy influenced habits, preferences, and lessons learned.  Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Reading about psychology and self-help
  2. Lingering at coffee shops
  3. Loving Europe, especially coffee shops in Europe ;)
  4. Getting lost faster than your average directionally impaired person
  5. Maintaining logic and a fair amount of objectivity in emotional circumstances, usually
  6. Labneh and honey
  7. Listening to arabs talk
  8. Sharing clothes with my mom
  9. Never leaving the house in sweatpants, except in college a couple times....
  10. Staying active.  I credit my mom with the less rugged activity I enjoy and my dad with the more rugged
  11. That compliments are just as meaningful as insults, not meaningful at all.  The intentions, though, those are meaningful.  They don't reflect you, but the other person
  12. Day spas are good for the soul
  13. Money comes and goes and we'll be okay no matter
  14. There's a lot you can do with lentils
  15. The kitchen is a magical place
  16. Fresh bread is a miracle drug, or just a drug
  17. Observation first, calculated decisions second, action third
  18. The scientific method is just as applicable to relationships as it is to anything else
  19. You actually CAN choose how you react to something
  20. You can actually choose most things about yourself
  21. Making mistakes is a necessary part of life and nothing to be ashamed of.  If you don't learn, then be ashamed but also patient with yourself
  22. Take a joke
  23. Eat veggies!  And cake occasionally
  24. I love my mommy

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Sabah said...

That is beautiful . I am soo touched and flatterd. You have a great insight and sharp mind that picks the essence of and the ovearching concept of experiences. I am so very proud of you and happy that you are grwoing as wise and smart as you are . I LOVE YOU more .<3