Friday, May 9, 2014

Settling Dust

What a whirlwind it has been.  Looking back, these last 5 months have been nothing but change with a heavy sprinkling of chaos.  I'm glad May has arrived and my life seems to be settling down again.  Let's take a look back on this past winter, do some spring cleaning.


  • I found out my sister has been really really REALLY sick and took an awesome road trip with her from Chicago to Phoenix.
  • I decided I needed to change everything in my life and travel for at least a year to live life properly (aka freaked out)
  • I quit all my responsibilities and obligations as a result (continuation 1/4 life crisis)
  • Had my first Christmas away from my mom and dad
  • Lived with my dad's first wife and my sister for a month in beautiful Phoenix
  • Finally bonded and connected with my sister, taught cooking and food lessons, and fed them yummy food


  • Returned to Chicago for a month
  • Did not work, felt great
  • Tried to repair some of the damage done by my rash decisions, did not feel great
  • Got my first tattoo
  • Held my first weekly food workshop series


  • Went to Kenya
  • Saw amazing animals and visited "real Africa"
  • Reconnected with an old friend
  • Got slapped in the face with a different perspective
  • Realized I had been ungrateful and scared
  • Ate amazing food
  • Discovered some of my new favorite places (Lamu!)
  • Returned to Chicago


  • Reunited with the love of my life and Chicago my home
  • Decided to stay and work on myself instead of running away from my bad habits, which is itself a bad habit
  • Decided to be patient with growth and change instead of expect it to happen immediately
  • Decided to recommit to everything I loved about my life here
  • Roommate discovers and is bitten by bed bug
  • Return to my sister for divorce education in Wisconsin
  • Sister trip to warmer more relaxed climates, ending in Phoenix again
  • Harry gets on a plane and travels to see me (milestone)
  • Visit Antelope Canyon, Sedona, Grand Canyon, and ride a hot air balloon
  • Fell in love all over again
  • Returned to work at brunch restaurant


  • Temporarily moved in with Harry while bed bug situation is not smoothly dealt with
  • Unfortunate roommate tension flares
  • Lease terminated early
  • Harry and I find and move into a beautiful apartment together
  • Realized my stuff is bed bug free (relief)


  • Hired as a personal chef
  • Finally did a pull up
  • Moderately broke but exceptionally satisfied!

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