Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Trip to Naivasha

It's been a while since I've had some good quality internet to upload pictures, so here is a belated update of my trip to Naivasha.  Just a couple of days in Tahir's parents country house to chill and recover.  Naivasha is just north west of Nairobi so it takes about an hour-1.5 hours to drive there.  It's away from the city, in the beautiful natural surroundings of the rift valley.  These are just some pictures of our time there, but Tahir has some great pictures of our outing to the horse riding area and crescent island, where I chased a herd of zebra and practiced yoga in a tree.  Until the rockstar photos come my way, you get to enjoy these.

Not rude.  Polite.
Fast food, Naivasha style.  Next to a cabbage farm.
Delicious Chicken Tikka with Chickpea flour dipped potatoes!
Grabbing groceries for the country house

Beauty of a country house

My room!

My favorite thing outside of the US.  Refrigerated

Tahir style breakfast!  Not the whisky.  Ignore that.

Spinach egg dish with amazing shallot potatoes!

View from my room in the morning

Heading back to Nairobi, noshing on Maize.  Much better than our sugar sweet corn

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