Saturday, February 22, 2014

Shela Village Part 1

Lamu Island is a protected UNESCO site.  United Nations Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization.  This means that it keeps things old school.  No cars.  Only donkeys and feet.  The buildings are old and new ones are built the traditional way, with a coral cement combination.  It is predominantly a fishing village attracting tourists who want to get away and writers who need to feel time stand still.
He needed a haircut before the trip.  They fro'd it out in Nairobi

Then they cut it!  Nice and clean!

I enjoyed a delicious take on a Benedict.  Poached eggs in a croissant with a dijon hollandaise on the side!

Serious instructions in the ladies room at the airport

Small planes for island vacations!

Who would have thought I would get to ride Beyonce?

The boat to take us to Shela from Lamu mainland

The houses on Shela.  That's where we stayed.

My bed!  So pretty!

The view from the room

The whole room, my bed and Tahir's bed, there is one bed on the balcony too, and creeper photographer ;P

Borgonvilia flower to make me feel loved and beautiful!

Watching the moonrise from the balcony

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