Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Mara

I'm back in Nairobi after having spent the week in the Masai Mara on Safari, on a massage bed, and on the couch in front of a fire listening to Layla played and sung with a Swahili accent.  This lovely excursion was followed by a couple of days in Naivasha, easily my favorite place visited so far.

I'm in Kuona Trust, an artist center, where Tahir, my friend does his work, and the internet is iffy and slow, so I'm just going to toss some pictures and descriptions your way.  Fewer words.

The professional and edited pictures will come once Tahir has time to take care of them.  He has a nice camera with many nice lenses, so his pictures will come eventually.  Until then, enjoy my I-Phone pics.
MMBA - Miles and Miles of Bloody Africa (and Acacia Trees)
The majority of towns look like this
Unless they look like this Masai Tribe hanging out under Acacia trees
Just my first Giraffe sighting in the wild!!  Felt like I was in Jurassic Park seeing a Brontosaurus!

Can you spot the Hippo?  They WILL kill you, as much as you might want to go chill with them

The welcome center?
Nuf said

Wassup hyena!  This is a little guy, much cuter than the adults.  Their jaws look deadly

Storm moving through the MMBA - Miles and Miles of Beautiful Africa

Wild Ostriches!
Walking through the front doors you see the Mara spread out in front of you, as if that is all there is in the world

Masai Mara Serena Lodge.  This is the tea room looking toward the lobby

View at the bar

Nice ceiling fixture

The massage room.  Deep tissue after 6 hours in the car.  Josephine, ask for her if you ever go!

The pool scene.  Some warthogs hung out with us here, very Africa ;)

Sunset photo of the sunset photo

The balcony looking out onto the Mara

The rooms

Iconic Tahir photo, cigarette in hand on top of a car

The herd animals.  Thompson Gazelle and a Water Buck.

Watching the elephant family

Wish this picture was clearer, but their feathers were so beautiful.  Reminded me of a loon.

Goodbye Mara!  Onwards to Naivasha!

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