Thursday, February 27, 2014

Shela Village Part 2

The Island is teeming with cats.  They rule.
Taking pictures of the picture taker, in the streets of town


Being a creeper and being fascinated by the normal lives of people here

Samosas!  Wrapped in newspaper

Kids fascinated with Tahir's camera

Wanna know where your Toms are being donated?  These kids!  Such a cool feeling to see the other side of the deal.

Famous doors

Existential Donkeys

Lunch at Poponi.  This is a fish carpaccio

My amazing tuna ceviche

Macadamia, beet, avocado salad.  Didn't even touch the dressing it was so tasty

Breakfast table view

We took a "snorkeling trip" to Manda Bay.  In the back is our captain by the name of "I'll Be Back"

The rest of the group.  Our new friend Anne from Bordeaux, and a British friend?

Our guide by the name of "Midnight" and our lunch in hand

Just some famous people's homes nobigdeal

Striking a yoga pose and avoiding the sand for a bit.  It was very windy = blowing sand

Lunch!!  Chapati, Fresh cabbage and tomato salad, and fire cooked fish

Chapati and salad

Fish of unknown variety
The main square of the main village of Lamu, 40 minute walk from Shela

On our last day we visited the main village of Lamu and found this little guy at a cafe

Anne checking him out and showing how tiny he is!!!
A cafe we visited, hiding within the village

Waiting for some fresh juices away from the sun

Tahir the poser


Can't leave Shela without some fresh coconut!

Yum yum hydration!

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