Friday, February 28, 2014

Goodbye Nairobi

My last days in Kenya were spent in Nairobi.  I was under the weather unfortunately, so my adventures and time out of the house were limited at this point.  It was just a mild flu or a nasty cold.  I'm leaning toward mild flu.  So these were my last days.

We visited a friend's home, and Tahir played with her children.  Her name is Ami (pronounced Ummi)

Another feverish day we went to see the elephant orphanage at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Giant bottles filled with special formula

They babies were all orphaned from their mothers for one reason or another

After milk they get to munch on some greens and play with a soccer ball

Between adventures we went to a very pretentious cafe where Tahir was the only not white person eating there.  It was very strange.  He felt weird about it too.  Not usually a white majority in Kenya

I'm a sick tourist, but I LOVE YOU!!!  This is at the Giraffe Center

Giraffe kisses are the best! 

Like a giant cat tongue in texture.  I got so many kisses my cheek was tingly afterwards

Like seeing a dinosaur, they're just so big

That night and the next day my flu symptoms got worse, so I got to explore the Nairobi hospital scene and get blood drawn just incase it was something more serious.  It wasn't, so off to lunch we went.  I'm telling you, the Coca-Cola there tastes soooo much better and not sweet

Indian Food!  The best kind of food.  Chicken Tikka Masala, Tikka Paneer or something, and naan bread

For Dinner we returned to Ami's home for traditional home cooked indian food.  I did not get any pictures of the food mostly because I was on pain meds and the thought would never have crossed my mind, but also because it was a family dinner including the in-laws husband and children.  Her in-laws are Jane's, as in the religion.  I was so intrigued because I had only heard about Janeism

Speaking of children!  How cute is Ami with her kids all snugly!

The next day we went to River Cafe for lunch.  it is nestled behind a nursery full of plants and art work.  Very cool spot.

The river

The art

The lotuses
That night we went to a goodbye/birthday party for a friend of Tahir's and I managed to stay up past 10:30PM. Great idea because I had an early pickup the next morning at 5:00AM.  Off to the airport I went and after a nice long sleep and a movie I found myself in Amsterdam where my good friend Mariam met me at Arrivals.  We took the train to The Hague where she's a diplomat at the United Arab Emirates Embassy.  I fell in love with The Hague so fast.

Going on a walk in the sunshine

Through the park toward a massage parlor!  What a perfect post-flight treat!

It was about 50F, so chilly, but not unreasonable

Beautiful streets

Skate park

I wouldn't mind owning this guy

Pre-massage refreshments.  Mariam got a latte

I got a fresh mint tea and Dutch Apple Pie of course!

For dinner we went to a Thai restaurant and ambitiously ordered 3 full meals!  An amazing red seafood curry on the left, a "meh" green tofu curry in the middle, and a tasty Pad Thai on the right.

The sunrise from her apartment the next day.  Goodbye!!!

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