Thursday, January 30, 2014

Where I've Been and Where I'm Going

22.5 °F
Feels Like 9 °F
Sunrise / Set
7:05 AM
5:03 PM
Waning Crescent

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude that it is in the 20's this morning and will even climb up to the 30's later today.  I don't remember what the 30's feel like anymore, but I do remember enjoying long leisurely walks in the 20's.  I am talking about temperature, which any Chicagoans reading would certainly know.  We've all be stalking the weather recently.  It may "feel like 9" but that's SO much more inviting than "feels like -35."  I never thought I'd be excited about 20's.

For those of you who don't know, I was born abroad in the heat of Kuwait just before the first Gulf War, had an "extended vacation" for 2 years in Florida as the war raged, and subsequently moved back to the middle east, but to the yet to be sparkly Emirate of Dubai.  So before all of this:
Was my life.  I went to the American School of Dubai.  Though my mom's first language is arabic, my brother Khaled and I didn't learn it except the small amount we could glean from elementary school.  Khaled did end up studying it in college and living in Jordan with my aunt for a few months to practice, smart boy, but I can just recall the names of my favorite arabic foods.

My point is that I love the hot weather.  I grew up in it, the stifling heat and humidity of Dubai, and I absolutely ADORE it!  So I truly never thought I'd be one to appreciate 20 degrees F.  I guess that's a lesson in gratitude for you.  Chicago Chicago.  I will never forget you, but I will leave you.

It is the time of year, February, when I take my annual leave of winter.  Last year I went to Belize for a lovely yoga retreat, and this year I'm going to Kenya!  I'm very excited!  I'll be staying with a friend from Les Roches, the hospitality school I attended in Switzerland, for 3 weeks of Kenyan exploration.  I won't give too much away yet, but I will be doing my best to keep you all updated on the food, life, and experiences.  

Serena Hotel
I will be staying here.
Serena Hotel
Probably doing a bit of this

I leave on Monday, which is either 5 or 3 days away, depending on how you look at it.  5 if I still need to get a lot of stuff done before I leave, like laundry for example, and 3 if it "feels like -35F."  Luckily it only feels like 9.


Anonymous said...

I am literally surprised that you are still in Chicago.. I thought you would have wandered somewhere else by now... Miss you


Lia said...

I know I'm not usually in one place this long! I surprised myself. Hopefully I'll be seeing you sooner than later.

Katie @ Peace Love & Oats said...

That's crazy that you lived there but didn't learn Arabic, I guess you only spent time with English speakers? And have fun on your trip to Kenya - so awesome!