Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Italian Rice Paper Rolls

What's she talking about?? Rice paper and Italian?  Screwed up lady here.  Weeellll, that's not so true.  Not after you've tried this delicious portable salad snack!  I had a bunch of Rice Wrappers from a workshop I held a few weeks ago, AND I had a bunch of lovely salad ingredients leftover from a more recent workshop, so I put them together to create this!



This is the good stuff!  Kind of pricey, but the flavor and texture will rock your world.  It's imported Buffalo Mozzarella.  Good stuff, like I said.

Pretty simple process.  Dip the rice paper into warm water until soft.  Lay on a dry surface.  Place desired ingredients inside and wrap!  In there I've got some baby arugula, real buffalo mozzarella, some steamed and sliced beets, and a delicious olive oil and 15 year aged balsamic, which you can purchase at Old Town Oil if you're in the Chicago area.


Even Delilah was hankering for a bite.



kitchencraftchronicles.com said...

that looks delicious -- i am SO into cheese lately

Lia said...

I've never been a cheese person, but I have really been into it too. Maybe it's the weather, or the creamy deliciousness!