Friday, January 31, 2014

People and Places I Love - Food & Fitness


I wanted to share my absolute LOVE of the blog Cannelle et Vanille.  It is the most beautiful food blog around.  The pictures are so simple and elegant, rustic but classy.  I can never get enough of this blog.  I could just stare at the pictures for hours, or print them out on huge canvas and paint over it, using it as a guideline.  Aran's pictures are art worthy to hung up in a kitchen or a cottage or a sunroom or something.  If this picture isn't gorgeous, I don't know what is.  Harry says I could do that too.  Maybe one day I'll learn the art of food photography to the extent Aran displays.  Dreaming must turn into doing.


Little Goat's Bulls-Eye French Toast.  I mentioned this bad boy previously, but I have been dreaming of it ever since.  This is definitely one of my go to places in Chicago whenever I'll be back.  I got to try a few things on the menu and it all tasted great.  I just couldn't understand how this dish rocked my world so thoroughly!  To be clear,  I am only leaving for the month of February, but will only be in Chicago for about a week each month.  Adventures to come!

The other favorite brunch spot of mine is in Logan Square, not a neighborhood I frequent very often, Lula Cafe!  This food is absolutely beautiful and the tastes and textures are just perfect.  The savory and the sweet will rock your world.  I definitely enjoyed the sourdough pancakes, but I adored the sweet potato latkes, I think they were.  The menu changes often enough that they're not served anymore.  The community here is wonderful, the staff is friendly and treats you like a family friend.  I've been multiple times and, aside from a winter chill in the front room, it is a cozy and delicious gem.


Lemony Poppy Yogurt Cake anyone?  How about to have baking in the oven, warming up the apartment, or house, with the lovely smell, and heat from the oven because your heat no longer works properly.  Am I beating a dead horse with this point?  Because our heat is still not working properly.  I've also been dreaming about making this for the apartment ladies, Sarah, Mara, and myself, to enjoy over tea together.  I'm still avoiding the cow dairy, but I'm willing to try this out with goat yogurt or the Greek style coconut yogurt Whole Foods has been carrying.  Jenna over at Eat, Live, Run, is always my go to for comforting classy recipes like this.

Away from food for the body and moving to food for the soul.  I've been branching out a bit from my usual studio, Yoga Now, where I did my teacher training 2 years ago.  Due to my crazy in and out of Chicago schedule coming up, I gave my class up to allow for consistency, so, since I'm not a teacher there anymore, I don't get free classes.  I therefore decided to try out Moksha.  Moksha and Yoga Now have a fair amount of history together and they share a fair amount of teachers, or they used to at least.  I've absolutely loved the teachers at Moksha.  I was actually acred that it would have a very high and mighty vibe, but it doesn't AT ALL, which was a huge relief.  Both of these studios are no Core Power Yoga, with the commercial corporate feel.  They really focus on the foundations and roots of the practice.  The humbling experience and the gentle, but powerful, progression of the body, mind, and spirit.  I highly recommend them both.

Flirty Live

Otherwise I've been doing some online videos from Flirty Girl Fitness.  I used to go to the studio in the summer and take pole dance and hip hop classes, but between the gym and yoga, I thought it best not to over do things, so I just used a free trial I had of the online dance classes.  I felt rather silly at first, hopping around my room, shaking my butt to my broken heater, but eventually I got into it and had a blast.  It got my heart rate up and my sweat going.  Fun, silly, perfectly Flirty Girl!

Now i'm off to have lunch and cappuccinos with my friend Juliana!  She's getting married in May!  How exciting!

How do you stay fit and full in the winter time?
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