Monday, May 20, 2013

Official Start!

My first day of my little challenge went quite well. I had moments of weakness when all I wanted was a Frtiz's donut, which is vegan and Karyn's sells now right by my work. I refrained, though I did enjoy a delicious almond milk ice cream sandwich at the end of the day. I haven't had an ice cream sandwich in years probably. It was great! I did well. I'm proud and I feel great, which is the whole point!

I started my day with a very short run to the 7-Eleven to return a DVD to Redbox, working out AND running errands! Did a couple more blocks and headed home to pull out a quick at home workout. I felt invigorated and very sweaty! I don't know if you recall from last summer but there is no A/C in my apartment so this hotish humid day got the sweat rolling on the 3rd floor.

After a gloriously cool shower I sort of enjoyed a green smoothie. I kept it thick so I could top it with granola and eat it in a bowl. Texture was off unfortunately, still enjoyable though!

Painted my toes, ate some sprouted toast with "raw" almond butter, made a dressing out of some leftover salsa, chickpea miso, Bragg's Liquid Aminos, and Orange juice and biked to the yoga studio.

Taught my yoga class and popped over to have lunch at my guy's work. A delicious salad. Mostly raw if not all raw. Had a relaxing afternoon, and decided to take Harry to Karyn's Raw for dinner. Let's just say he was not quite ready for that food experience. It was too early! Hahaha! His mind had some trouble wrapping around the whole idea and experience, especially the prices though.

 My evening ended as I taught my evening class, went home, and started the movie Ted! Such a weird funny movie! I'll hopefully be finishing it tonight! 

So far so good!

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