Thursday, March 21, 2013

Winter Blues?

I got a fortune today in the fortune cookie that came with my take-out miso soup that read: "Your sense of humor will soon cheer up a friend."  I eyed this little slip of paper for a fairly long 23 seconds.  It was one of those short periods of time that was extended by the sheer volume and quality of the thoughts that crammed themselves into it.  So, in that long 23 seconds, I came to a not so extraordinary conclusion.  It started with a question, which formed like a pixilated image: "I have a sense of humor?" And it ended with an answer, a somewhat snarky, somewhat amusingly dramatic answer: "Oh, yah.  I used to!"  Cue rolling of eyes at self.  The end result was me realizing that I haven't been the perky joyous me of late.  Again, not the most exciting thing to realize.  And looking back on it, I'd say the moodiness began around Fall.  Big surprise.  So it is the winer blues?

Well, I just watched Hungry For Change, which is about food and life and living a good healthy one.  I got a little spark of realization that I haven't been treating myself right with food and exercise either.  So is it the winter blues, or are the winter blues exacerbated by the lack of desire to eat fresh raw greens and go outside and play? I got a twinge of motivation to get back on track with my goals and stop allowing unnecessary distractions keep me from being the happy me.  Because, in the end, we can only make ourselves happy.  As much as we want someone to be there to comfort us when we are sick or down, nobody can really make those feelings go away.  We have to be responsible for picking ourselves up.  And we must take responsibility for the choices we make and the consequences that we KNOW are associated with those choices.

That is not just food and exercise, but also relationships.  Letting go of old thorns that like to keep us miserable and holding onto the good around us.  Also, letting go of the poison in what we are currently in or what we choose to keep in our lives.  Nectar in, poison out.  That's what one of my yoga teachers would say.  Some relationships feel like nectar, but leave us recoiled with disgust or pain.  Like white sugar or McDonalds.

Blah blah blah, and so I went on a ramble about way more than what I'm up to, but I felt inspired.  May you choose to get yourself out of the winter blues or whatever you want to call them.

Cheers to you and taking responsibility for your life, choices, actions, thoughts, words, and intentions.

Eat kale