Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Let's pretend this is the part of the film where the editor and director put together a nice montage of all the happy moments in the main character's life in the past month to give a feeling of time passing quickly.  So here is my version of a montage.  Where have I been?  I got this new job waitressing at a brunch.lunch spot that I absolutely love!  Without internet at home and trying to bond with my new work-mates, life has been flying by.  Here's what's been going on.  Some fun stuff.

New Job
Love it!  I know, I already said this, but I really do.  I love working mornings and having free time after work to go to or teach yoga.  I love the people I work with and the guests who dine there are really great.  Thank you Chicago for providing such forgiving and pleasant people to our dining facility.  The money has made me incredibly relaxed too, which is such a welcome change.  I am actually indulging myself!  How nice!

New Home?
So, I decided to stay in Chicago!  The short version of why:  I hopefully have a great opportunity in NYC in 2014, and instead of uprooting to Cali for a year barely finding my footing before potentially going to NYC, I'd like to stay here where I'm established and loving life.  Who would have thought I'd say that at the end of winter.  This is probably the best winter of my life.  I've been really happy this winter and found it to be bearable and even comfortable.  So, I'm not getting a new home because my wonderful Roomy decided to also stay in Chicago! We will be remaining happily together for another year.  I couldn't be more pleased.

I took a week to go on a tropical yoga retreat.  It was on my Life List, the opportunity presented itself, and I signed up and committed in July.  I've been slowly paying for it and building up my excitement for a February escape!  It was 7 days in Belize with one of my favorite teachers, Cara Jepsen (Kali Om).  We did 4 hours of yoga a day, ate AMAZING food, which I should have taken pictures of, and swam with sharks and sting rays.  I couldn't have asked for a more heart-opening experience.

So that is my recent life in nutshell!  I'll be more on top of updating from now on.  Now that life is a bit more stable.  I hope you've all been well.

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Kelsie B said...

I'm so happy you updated!! I had such an icky day and it was a good way to end it! I'm happy you're so happy Lia!