Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Memories

I've decided to make Monday Memories a thing now. They will be picture posts with little blurbs to show the weekend's endeavors. I don't like blogging on the weekend; I prefer to just live and go with the flow. So I thought this would be a fun thing to do to start the week too.

I'm also trying to figure out how to post pictures and write blurbs underneath them using the Blogger App. Does anyone know?

Well, I discovered a new cool sandwich place that advertises that it has Vegan and Gluten Free foods, which alway attracts my attention. It's called Hannah's Pretzels. I got a yummy sandwich obviously. It was supposed to have truffle oil, but I didn't taste any. It tasted very fresh, but not very flavorful.

It's getting cold in Chicago again. I woke up to a 12F morning. Not too excited about that. See, lovely friends and family , the Bay Area may be chilly but it never does rediculous things like this. Point made. If some of you didn't know, I have a plan to move to Berkeley California in the near future. More details to come.

I discovered that Karyn's Cooked now sells doughnuts! They look just like the ones from Fritz Pastry! I had to try it with my favorite Ron's Salad for lunch.

And studying for my new waitressing job while sipping yummy foamy drinks!

And Delilah snuck into the warm spot on my bed after I woke up. Roomy and I have been thinking about getting her a friend. We'll see if anything comes of that.


Ruy Hirano said...

Hi Lia :)
About the picture-blogger, if I understood what you asked, try this:
-> on your post composing click `insert image`, as I guess you do regularly

-> upload the pic and click `add selected`

-> left click over the image, some options should show up, click on `add caption`

-> if you select what you wrote you can change font and size

Bethany said...

I waitressed at a breakfast/lunch cafe for two summers during college and I LOVED it. Our place was pretty small, and I'd estimate that 50% of our customers, maybe more, were regulars. There was such an awesome sense of community there. It closed during my junior year of college, and I came home to go to the last day it was open. The place was totally packed, and my boss even let me take my family's order so I could do it all one last time. Oh man, even thinking about it makes me teary-eyed. Seeing that restaurant close was so, so sad. I don't have the time to waitress on the side anymore, nor do I have the budget to become a regular at a restaurant, but someday I'd love to have a place where I go every Saturday with my (theoretical) husband/family/friends/breakfast buddies/whoever.