Thursday, December 6, 2012

Favorite Chicago Spots

Sunday was my last day teaching at the Chiropractic office, and as I biked by one of my favorite bakeries, I thought I'd share my love of it and the other little spots I have come to love here as well.

So this little spot on Diversey is called Fritz Pastry.  Why do I love it?  Because it carries vegan pastries of course!  Yes, Bleeding Heart Bakery did too, before they closed down, but Fritz's has the best vegan doughnuts I've ever had.  They also make scones and muffins!  It is a small quaint space, with a clean and professional interior.  I only recently realized that I bike by it every Sunday! I discovered it months ago by accident and never went to it again. I have since, of course.  It supplies the next spot on my list.

From here
Worm Hole Cafe.  I've written briefly about this Hipster hot spot before, but I wanted to touch on it again.  They have since remodeled the inside, the Back to the Future Car is still there, and it looks great.  It feels a lot more spacious but retains its cozy, hole-in-the-wall ambiance.  It's on Milwaukee Ave in Wicker Park, and whenever I get the opportunity, I go there for the tea and scones!

From here
On a visit to Wicker Park, I discovered a great Barber shop called Floyd's 99.  They also have a nice location closer to home in Lincoln Park.  It is a punk/rock and roll themed barber shop, and the hairdressers there are very skilled.  I like fun and crazy hairstyles, so this was the obvious choice.  They have never failed me.  Speaking of hairstyles.  I needed a physical change to reflect the external changes going on (we all do this right?) so I took scissors to hair.
I did this job in my bathroom, not at Floyd's.  Roomy caught this shot of me.  I don't usually spend my evenings hanging out with stuffed Mario.

From here
Swim Cafe.  I like cafes.  I love that Chicago has so many small independent ones too.  I very recently discovered this place when I was helping my friend Teresa pack, and by help her pack I mean play with her baby so she could have a bit of time to do things.
AHHHH!!  Too adorable!
When I arrived there, Teresa and her hubs hadn't had anything to eat so they sent me to pick up some vegan almond loaf from accross the park at Swim.  Intrigued I found it and loved the place!  I tried the vegan oat bar and it blew my mind it was so good!  It is a cute little cafe with lots of vegan and gluten-free options.  Not a lot of vegan AND gluten-free together but of each category, yes.  I'm determined to go back!  It is right on Chicago in West Town, so just down the street from the studio!  I think I'll bring the boyfriend when he gets back here.

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Bethany said...

Soo...vegan donuts = healthy donuts, right? I'm pretty sure that's how it works. Just like that one time I made "fudge" with my roommate and one of my college friends (aka melted white chocolate chips and vanilla frosting together) and topped the sugary concoction with organic candy canes from Whole Foods. We're quite confident the lack of chemically food coloring in the candy canes more than counteracted everything else in the fudge, thus: healthy. Obviously. ;)

Thanks for posting about these places, though! I've honestly never heard of any of them, but they all sounds really interesting! (Perhaps with the exception of the barber shop...adventurous in the hair department I am not).