Monday, December 10, 2012

My Anti-Virus Soup Back East

I'm back on the east coast!  Yay!  I've missed home quite a lot recently, though I haven't been home, I've been with family in Long Island.  It's nice to be with family in a familiar setting regardless.  And I love my baby cousin!

They took me to get groceries at Whole Foods, one of my favorite past times, and I made them a delicious soup for dinner last night as a thank you and to help them fight a mommy baby cold that is harassing the family.  Oh, and the Whole Foods here has local Vegan Truffles at their truffle bar!  Louise, my cousin's wife, a lovely Swedish lady he met in school in Switzerland (the same school I went to) bought me some as a welcomed treat.  My cousin, for reference, is a charismatic arab, so you can see where the baby gets his beauty!

Though sick with a cold, they enjoyed this soup and hopefully it helped with boosting their immune systems too.

3 cups of veggie stock
1 medium sweet potato
2 small golden potatoes
2 large carrots
1/2 onion
2 inch knob of ginger - peeled
Juice of 2 navel oranges
2 Tbs unsalted cashew butter (roasted for a deeper taste)
1 cup fire roasted corn
Sea salt & white pepper to taste

Put stock and cleaned and chopped potatoes into a pot on the stove on high heat.  Bring to a boil and add chopped carrot and onion.  Cook through.  Chop the ginger and add that with the orange juice and cashew butter.  Cook for about 3 minutes and puree.  Season to taste and then add the corn.

Stay healthy this season with lots of veggies and variety!

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