Friday, November 30, 2012

Window Post

By window I mean a glimpse.  A sneak-peak at what's going on, a little of what might be to come, but know that all of this is changing soon.  Very soon.  I must keep my secret!  I'll tell you soon, I promise!

Current Yoga Schedule

I teach 3-4 days a week right now if I'm not subbing a class, for any of you interested friends out there.  This is why my weekends are not the time to stay up late.  I currently am only committed to 2 classes to attend on Fridays in the morning before work, a hot class at the other studio on Saturdays after I teach, and I try to get in a couple more classes throughout the week.
Saturday 8:00-9:00AM at a hot yoga studio
Sunday 9:30-10:45AM at a Chiropractic office
Monday 12:00-1:00PM at my home studio, where I also work the desk
Tuesday 12:00-1:00PM occasionally at a translation services office

Current Work Schedule

(and what I actually do all day long)

It may not be very clear to some of you what I actually do at the yoga studio.  I am simply a desk person, meaning?  Right, well, I share the bulk of the work with the manager who works the morning half and I work the afternoon/evening half of the day.  So we schedule massages, deal with complaints or questions etc., keep up on laundry (this is more challenging than it sounds timing-wise), check massage clients in and out as well as yoga students, sell packages and try to promote specials and returning, coordinate setup for workshops, keep everything stocked, and all the little things like recoding programs in our management system, posting things to the website, double checking each others work in terms of links working and descriptions being right, etc. etc.  Those are the everyday tasks, then there are the more occasional ones.  I was transitioning into taking over payroll, so going through all the teachers pay reports and getting all absent clients off the rosters, making sure everything matched etc.  The manager and I also work on new ideas for the newsletter, the studio space, and the pricing of our packages, which we then propose to the owner.  There is, unfortunately, a fair amount of damage control, though less so now than a few months ago.

I only work 7 hours a day typically, though it often goes over to 7.5.  I'm very grateful that I can start work at 2:00PM, have access to a full kitchen, and free yoga classes, showers, lots of tea, and I never have to work long hours, unless I'm covering for someone.

Today was my last day!  I was trying to keep it quiet so I could surprise my mom in Connecticut for a visit, but that didn't end up working out.  


I do teach my food workshops.  Right now they are only at the one yoga studio about once a month.  I'm trying to expand to the hot yoga studio too, and that is in the works.  I'll let you know what happens with that.  I'd love this to grow into something more substantial, and am thinking about selling my homemade nut butters somewhere (here?).  I just made a delicious Raw Cocoa Cashew Almond Butter that tastes like Dark Chocolate Brownies.  Would you be interested?  And hopefully I'll be teaching more private classes.  I'm still a bit unsure of how to get into this  area, but I just got an inquiry from one of my regular attendees, so hopefully that grows into something great.


I'm trying to have more fun outside of the work schedule.  Don't get me wrong, yoga and cooking is plenty fun, but one needs to pursue things just for the laughing goodness joy of life.  So, I've started my hooping classes.  I've taken 2 so far and have already seen an improvement from the first.  IT is so fun and in a great space!  An artist co-op building in Lincoln Square.  I'm taking class 2ce per week, but I might increase that depending how things go after January, when I'm starting a new job!  I'm trying to save up for a move out west in the summer, so I need a better paying than the yoga desk.  If all goes well I'll also pick up some dance classes!  I'm eying a hip hop class and a belly dance class.  Otherwise, I cook for fun, drink tea and write letters to my boyfriend.

What do you do outside of work to stay sane, happy, and healthy?

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Khaled Allen said...

I am really happy to hear about your daily life. It sounds good, and now I have a better idea of what my sister is up to all day. Better than mine had been until yesterday, which was also my last day of work WooHoo!!

See you in a few weeks!