Friday, November 16, 2012

Secret Dreams

Not those kinds of dreams, silly!  Pull your mind outta there.  No, I'm going to share some of my secret aspiration dreams with you all.  Why?  Because you bring me so much joy and I feel like I can trust you.  And also because I think it is time I was loud and proud about some dreams that I have pushed to the side for years.  It's time to state them publicly.  Manifest my reality, so to speak.  Interestingly, the career ones are the ones I was most afraid of admitting.  I think, don't hate on me parents, that is because there is an indirect push to have a "real stable career path"in our family, and that is so not my style.  I'm not even going to try to fight it anymore.

Dream #1: Be a famous chef - I want my own TV show.  I like the spotlight.  I've never denied it!  I want to bring healthy wholesome food to the masses by not focusing on what is lacking in a plant-powered lifestyle, but on what is plentiful and tasty!  Through this I'd love to more easily fund opening my Wellness Retreat (See Dream # 3)

Dream #2: Model.  Yes, I said it.  I want to be a model for fitness.  Yoga modeling would be ideal, but I'd love to do athletic wear or camping wear.  This was my "shame-dream" that I wouldn't admit for years and years.  So now it is out!  I'm putting it out into the universe.  During my first ever Reiki experience, the Reiki Master looked at me and asked if I was a yoga model and if not that I should do it because it would benefit me more than I would expect.  I'll take that as a clear sign.  He said it would help my Giving Side, my Right Side, which he said is not flowing as well as my taking side.  Cheers to that.

Dream #3: Open a Wellness Resort.  I've had a few ideas develop with this one including starting a small scale version just outside of big cities, but I'd really love to have a large resort in a beautiful area (Patagonia, Central America, New Zealand, Thailand).  It would focus on the full aspect of living happily with yourself.  From Yoga, to backpacking and canoeing, wholesome food (a Raw Gourmet Restaurant and a more Casual Cafe), massage and acupuncture, even educational workshops and certification courses.  It would host retreats from outside sources like Jodi's Mindful Destinations, and others like that.

Dream #4: Be able to take good care of my children and family (in the future - don't freak out).  I want to have the option to let business take care of itself as I spend quality time with the future family.  I have a certain love of domesticity that I denied for a while because, on the East Coast, there is that GOGOGO be a free working woman thing in the air.  But I love certain parts of it very much and crave having them as part of my life when the time is ripe.

There you have it.  My secret dreams.  I love them, I think about them before I fall asleep, and I daydream about how to make them happen during the day.  One step at a time.


Sabah said...

You know Iwas going to comment :) dont you ?:)
beautiful... It really reflects your nature. I am confident you will fulfill your dreams soon , all of them, as you did before , many times :)

Bethany said...

I think it's SO awesome that you put these out for the whole Internet to see. It's fun to keep your secret dreams to yourself so if they don't come true you don't have anyone breathing down your neck being all, "Wait, whatever happened to your goal of doing *fill in the blank*?" but I also think it's so much easier to go for something when you state that you want it. A+ to you!

p.s. I will totally visit your wellness resort in Patagonia. Sign. Me. Up. Haha.

GuerreraBella said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful dreams. They are inspiring and I wish you the best in making them come true. You're a beautiful energy and spirit.