Thursday, November 15, 2012

Links I've Been Loving

Here are some awesome articles I've read recently.  I hope you find them striking as well!

I've Started Telling My Daughters I'm Beautiful

This is a great, heartwarming entry about showing that you have some self-love around your daughter so she grows up to love herself too.  We can be hard on ourselves sometimes, but projecting that around impressionable children affects the way they will think about themselves as they grow.

Dealing With Change

An article from Yoga Journal's website about changing your perspective on change so that it doesn't rock your world in a bad way.

Rituals of Transition

This is a great article from Kripalu's website about transitions and dealing with fear.  It really touched me and I appreciated the message so much!

3 Exercises  that focus on the core.

This article is just a fun way to add variety to a work out or help get those handstands prepped.

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