Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New Adventures

Always right?  If you're a close friend or family member you know that if you ever ask me what's been going on in my life, and you mean it earnestly, you're going to get a fair few stories and misadventures.  That's my life.  That's why this blog is called Sojourning.  Both because I like to move from place to place, but also because I like to have constant change and growth, a side effect of moving around physically and mentally.

So, I have some announcements.  Some changes.  Some small and fun, some bigger and more exciting.  I'll try to stagger the big and the small

1. I'll be leaving my position as full-time desk staff at the yoga studio.  

It has been a great experience, but it is time for me to move on.  I'm looking to move to Berkeley in the summer, so I need to be making a bit more money at this point.  I'll miss the studio though! I learned a whole lot about working in a small, independent business, and had the opportunity to learn how the wheels turn behind the scenes too, as the owner gave me insight into that realm.  I also met truly amazing people, had opportunities to teach both here and elsewhere, and grow a whole lot as a person.  I'll still be teaching here in the future and working with the studio for my food workshops (just scheduled a January one!).

2. Hooping Classes!

That's right.  I'm going to start learning how to do hooping and fire hooping.  Check out this cute video for what I'm talking about for hooping and this one for fire hooping. I'm starting next week.  Very excited!

3. I'll be focusing more on the food.

I want to grow my cooking/uncooking classes, so I'll be looking to expand that while I'm not working at the studio.  I'd like to get to catering some events or personal celebrations (anniversaries, birthday's etc.) too.

4. I will be waitressing to pay the bills.

I have my eyes on a brunch spot right next to the studio.  I also have a friend there and have already spoken with the manager.  Hopefully it all works out.  I will be starting there in January if I play it right.  Working the mornings again would be a dream come true.  It will allow me to teach some evening yoga classes, which I've been hoping for.

5. I'm trying out Grain-Free!

I know right.  "So what are you eating you crazy vegan!?" I've been pretty sluggish and down recently, and I've had this persistent but minor wheeze.  Some of it is partially due to some not so happy family news, but also I had been feeling, already, that I had been eating too much sugar and heavy stuff like wheat and grains.  I'm doing a bit of refined-sugar-free, no added salt, grain-free, vegan thing right now.  Just needed to reset a bit.  I'm not putting a time frame on it, just playing around.  One of my experiments to see how my body does.  I'll be reintroducing stuff back in too over time.

I've been having fruit with nutbutter for breakfast, or a big salad, or tofu scramble with lots of veggies, thanks to my roomy!  I've also juiced a bit in the morning. Lunches have been giant salads with roasted beets, a whole avocado, a nice vinaigrette, and raw pumpkin seeds.  I've been snacking on a grapefruit or pear with nutbutter or dried apples, and dinner has been miso soup with lots of Wakame.  I have some fun ideas for making a sweet potato puree, dehydrated with some other goodies to make a cracker and make some kalamata hummus (or have Roomy make it - she makes a mean batch).

6. I'm an Americorps Team Guardian!

My dear boyfriend is an Americorps Team Leader (Rockstar!).  It is a 1 year commitment to guide a team of about 10 young adults to help the community.  He is made for this role as a natural leader who walks the walk and demands respect with his grounding presence.  So right now he's out in the deserts of California doing upkeep for a reserve/park, from what I understand.  That means lots of manual labor, not always the best conditions, and being out in the wilderness/camping somewhere away from home for 6 weeks.  Some teams are out helping with disaster relief on the East Coast too.  I volunteered to be a Guardian and that means I'll be sending motivational tid bits and treats to boost moral and keep them bonded, hopefully.  I sent out my first team-based letter last week!  Cookies are in process.

If you've read all that cheers to you, and if you found it interesting, then you get a big virtual hug!  Maybe even a heart hug.  Have a grateful Thanksgiving by reading this wonderful article about building gratitude!  I'll be spending it with my Roomy!  We've got a whole mini-feast menu planned!

Any big changes going on in your life?  Or any that you want to make, but have been holding off doing?  Do them! (And then tell me about it)

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Khaled Allen said...

You're just one step away form Paleo! :-p