Monday, November 26, 2012

Little Escapes

Tomorrow I promise I'll tell you about my Thanksgiving, for now:

Escape in a Bottle

Roomy and I went out Saturday night, and by "went out" I mean after she finished babysitting and I woke up from my post Sex and the City nap/cuddle session with Delilah the Daschund we had one beer at the bar around the corner.  Upon entering the bar we realized it was Saturday.  We only realized this because the bar was crowded, full of young people; Roomy guessed most were younger than us.  I'd been to this bar a couple of times before and always remember it being very quiet, rather empty, and catering to an older crowd.  That shows how often I'm out on the weekends.  IF, big if, I go out, it is typically on the weekday because I start at 1 or 2 pm on weekdays and either 8 or 9:30 am on weekends.  We were quickly overwhelmed by the energy of the place, one too many mosh-pit-type physical exclamations to music.  Drank our beers and went home, made popcorn, watched Sex & The City, and went to bed.  For some reason it amused me, the entire event.  I couldn't tell if I felt old, mature, introverted, mellow, or a wonderful mix of the three.  Am I becoming a homebody?  Ha!  No.  Well, maybe just in the evenings, especially on weekends.

Escape From Connection

When my Rommy's brother's subscription to internet ended, we had to decide what to do about renewing.  After very brief discussions, we decided to try out no internet in the apartment.  The idea behind this was to reduce lazy time and increase productivity and reconnection with hobbies and people.  So far, I think this has been really successful.  The apartment seems to get cleaner, more organized, and I only seek out internet, aside from when I'm at work, for intentional purposes.  This helps so much!  I love it like this, and I'm supporting my local coffee shop!  I've read a lot more this way too, which I thought was lacking due to not using the public transport, and biking everywhere.  Silly, misdirected reasoning.

Escape to a Fantasy World

I am very excited to announce that I saw the final movie in the Twilight Series.  I am a proud lover of Twilight and Edward Cullen.  I'll stop there; I won't get all freaky vampire love on you.  I went with my good friend Carleen for a visit to the movie theater!  Something that was once an almost weekly occurrence as a child is such a special treat now.  She's a good 40 minute bike ride away, which is also a great way to just spend time in your head, not always to my benefit.  The movie was just what we needed as life has been a bit dramatic lately for both of us.  Thank goodness for epic transformations and crazy special effects filled battle scenes.  Drama, right?

Escape to the Mat

When in doubt do yoga.  I've been in a bit of a funk these past few days and I've found that teaching yoga has always been able to snap me out of it.  I don't know if it is because you are doing the poses with the students to an extent, or if it is because you are really focusing on the other people.  You get out of your self-inflicted "noise" and are able to find peace through breath and flow.  I taught my usual noon class which has had a pretty stable 4-5 students, but today only one came, and we had a great time.  I gave her a private and helped work her into a pose she's been having trouble with.  It was so rewarding and I really felt great after the class.  I want to thank her for coming and helping me heal and let go of stuff I didn't need in my life, something we teachers often tell our students to do.  They help us as much as we help them.

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Bethany said...

I have a friend who cancelled his Internet subscription at his apartment, and I have to admit that it's an intriguing idea. I definitely use the Internet a lot when I'm at home--a lot of my workout plans are online, and I like to pre-write blog posts when I'm at home--but I imagine I'd be way more productive/a better person in general if I forced myself to stay offline when I was away from work. At the very least I'd get a TON more creative writing done. I've done my best NaNoWriMo writing on Amtrak, where there's no wifi available (and thus no distractions). It's inconvenient sometimes, like when I need to look up information online, but by and large it's way better for my productivity. Hmm. Things to think about.