Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Journey - The Experiences - Not The Destination

"The prize is in the process"
-Baron Baptiste

I taught food to kids!  Bah!  Loved it!  I love working with kids!  Friday I was asked to emergency sub for a fellow teacher at a school in the south side.  It is a yoga for kids summer camp class, and I loved subbing last week so I was all for subbing this week.  It went wonderfully and, of course, the best reward was having all the little girls run up to me after we finished class and give me a huge group hug!  Made my heart melt!  I wish I had pictures to show, but it was quite spontaneous, and I keep forgetting that my phone does in fact have a camera.

So, Sunday Juliana, a fellow yogi friend, asked me to help her run a food class for kids at her church.  I was thrilled to be asked and we put it together and made it happen.  During the service the kids hang out in an organized setting that Juliana has been running.  It is supposed to teach kids about nature and useful life skills.  She even has an etiquette class!  I think that is just awesome!  So we had a few different projects. First was sticking Strawberries and grapes on lollipop sticks, dipping them into yogurt/vegan yogurt, and rolling them in organic coco krispies or coconut shavings.  Nom nom!  Next we made almond milk: almonds, water, vanilla, dates, strain through cheese cloth.  They enjoyed squeezing the milk out.  Then we made green monster smoothies with the almond milk, spinach, peaches, bananas, and ice.  Some of the kids were afraid of the green aspect hahahaha!  Legit wide-eyed scared.  Those who tried them loved them.  And there was plenty left for the parents after the service and they were even more excited about them than the kids!  We went on to spiralizing zucchini, which each kid took a turn at, and we mixed it all up with tomato sauce and served at the adult brunch table!  So awesome!  Their parting gift was a little container of mung beans to take home and sprout.

Yah, life has been great fun recently.  Lots of awesomeness.  I just got asked to work back at Camp Warren in the kitchen for next week.  What I would give to do that.  My heart hurts at the idea!  It would be so much fun!  Next year, next year!  I applied to be a camp counselor again for next summer, which would be a dream come true.... It has been on my "must do before I die" list since I left in 2005.  Being back in the Midwest lets me be close enough that it is quite feasible.

It's amazing, all of these experiences that come together to create the timeline of our lives.  I chose the title because, and I mean this in the most positive sense, if the end was our goal then that would potentially mean death, right?  The end of our living time is death, in certain views.  So, the gift of living and being conscious of our time alive should be embraced and relished.  Each moment, each experience seen for the vibrancy it adds to our time in this state of being.  The sweet nectar of life savored.

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