Monday, June 11, 2012

The Moment

These past few weeks have been something brilliant.  Besides the fantastic weather, there has been something special, like an extra glow to my experiences. I've been feeling more alive in each moment.  I've been known to live a lot on the future.  This makes LIVING a little bit different than how I'd like it to be.  To me LIVING is about noticing and experiencing life.  When you constantly live in the future, life is not as sweet, nor is it really living.  Because, really, what are you then living for?  For a moment in time that will come soon, but that moment comes and goes and you are not living in it.  You are living in the next one already.  I have found that some people can facilitate living in the moment, and those are the people I ty to surround myself with as, much as possible.  To remind me of the sweetness of the moment.

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Sabah h said...

So sweet :)