Wednesday, May 30, 2012


You know why I love Wednesdays?  Because the Green City Farmer's Market is going on in the mornings!  You see, I work at the yoga studio on Saturday mornings, so I cannot make it to the Green City Market for their big day.  Well, I can, at around noon when most everything is sold out.  So, Wednesdays are my Farmer's Market days!  Yay!  I know you're as excited as I am.  So, today I went to see if anyone showed up for the rooftop yoga that I teach.  Nobody did, no surprise.  So, off I biked to Lincoln Park where I ogled a lot and bought a little.  Some mixed greens, kale for smoothies, and more early strawberries!  I'm loving the berries as they begin to appear at the market.  I'm also very excited for more fruits to show up in the nearer future.

I even had time to do my toes today before work!  It's the little things that make us smile.  Focusing on the little happy things makes you realize how full of joy the day is.

Today was also the first day of me teaching beach yoga.  2 lovely individuals showed up and we chaturanga'd our hearts out trying to stay warm in the suddenly chilly day.  The lake decided to join us for a second splashing over the concrete onto me, my mat, and my purse! Hahahaha!  Quite a surprise.  I squealed.  The yoga teacher squealed.  Regardless, I started class today explaining how being outside in public is a great analogy to the idea of calming our mind and focusing inward.  With the activity buzzing around the mind it is easy to get distracted from what we really are and what we really want.  In the same way, the people and activity going on around us at the beach was a temptation to be distracted from our purpose there, to do yoga and reconnect with ourselves.

Good times!  I'm thinking Margaritas to celebrate Weds!

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