Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer in the City

Means AMAZING!  I find that summer time just makes my soul sing and dance. Is it the sunshine on my skin boosting me with Vitamin D?  Is it the more relaxed atmosphere everyone has?  The plethora of events that pepper the city has been entertaining and lighthearted. Does it make sense to say that I feel like I'm on vacation even though I work a full time job?  I think that's a really good sign!  I also have been feeling my age recently.  Again,  I don't know how much sense I make, but I don't feel like I'm fighting to be an older more mature version of myself.  I feel like I'm actually where I need to be right now in terms of amount of responsibility I have, activities I do, things I'm learning, and people I'm seeing.  Thanks Chicago!  What a great city.

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