Monday, May 28, 2012


I am still in Chicago after plans to move when Miguel finished school changed.  Chicago is the only place so far that has kept me longer than planned.  Is it the food?  No, NYC is still my favorite when it comes to great Vegan dining! Is it the weather? HA! It must be the people, the community, and the city itself.  Yes, indeed, it is.  I think I've fallen in love with a place, a rare experience for me.  And so, when the opportunity to leave arose, I decided to actually stay put.  I know, it goes against the whole point of this blog right?  Don't worry, I'll still be exploring, having adventures, and going to new, amazing places.

When opportunities continue to arise and are practically being thrown at you it is hard to feel unwelcome!  I worked in Starbucks for almost 6 months, something I had been wanting to experience for a few years now.  It was exceptionally fulfilling for what I was looking for: a job, and to get some insight into the running of a successful company.  It was STRESSFUL though (see video)!  The high volume of people and the amount of energy they could put out was a bit much after a while.  It was also no good on my newly healed foot after bunion surgery.  

Luckily, just before moving up to the Supervisory position, I got a great opportunity to work full time at the front desk of the yoga studio I did teacher training at full time.  It is a much more appropriate job for what I'm looking to do with my future.  It has also allowed me to teach yoga more and get involved with this great community.  I couldn't be happier with my decision!

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