Thursday, October 13, 2011

Welcome to the Midwest

I have moved!  I'm in chicago!  The midwest!  I am still figuring things out, trying to find a job and such, but I'm enjoying the city so far.  It is clean and a lot friendlier than New York or Providence.  Fewer cat calls and more warm greetings :D  There is also a big vegan community, which I did not know of before.  I've already visited the Chicago Diner, an AMAZING vegan restaurant here that had the most heavenly pumpkin cheese cake.

I'm doing yoga teacher training here, and am really enjoying it.  The girls are great, the teachers friendly and knowledgeable, and the studies are relevant to life!  Imagine that!  It is so refreshing to study relevant material that applies to happiness and self-growth.

I have many goals these days.  They include, but are certainly not limited to finding a fulfilling job for a company or persons that I agree with, being mindful in eating and living and loving, be more active in my blog, and meet wonderful people.  It is also to not freeze or get blown away when the Chicago winter arrives.  I'm sure it will be fine!

I've been so very fortunate to have had 70 and 80 degree weather here since I landed.  Imagine that in October, well, I'm sure many people out there are also experiencing it.  Today things begin to cool off, and I'm hoping I'm ready.  The warm sunny weather has given me the opportunity to walk around, explore, and get my bearing a bit in this new place.  Rain and cold would have kept me inside and that would have felt rather isolating.

I know people here too, which is a comfort, and a change from what I regularly do.  I get a slight advantage to seeing the area and plenty of tips and tricks to getting around.  This is a new adventure and I'm excited!

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Sabah said...

Very nice . I hope you will enjoy it always and find all you are looking for :)