Tuesday, August 9, 2011


To start, I wish I had more interesting things to take pictures of, so that my entries are not just blocks of words, but my views these days consist of my foot and the various seats I take throughout the house!  And so I write:

I had a very fulfilling Skype conversation with my special someone last night, and the discussion centered, indirectly, about opportunities that could have been lost.  The idea has been oozing through my brain (this is how I imagine ideas to move through an extraordinarily relaxed person's mind) and caused me some reflections.

It seems like everyday presents itself to me with new opportunities and I have to make the decision of which to take and which to leave.  some are smaller than others, some open more future opportunities than others, and some weigh heavily.  Someone offering help is an opportunity.  It gives you the chance to heal if you need it.  It gives you the chance to bond further with someone.  It gives you the chance to learn more about yourself and grow.  I love opportunities.  I love them being presented to me.  They are new experiences.  But they can be scary to consider sometimes.

If multiple opportunities are offered simultaneously, I get awfully stressed out, but the thing we should all keep in mind is that any opportunity taken is going to provide the future with so many new experiences.  Take an opportunity that is in front of you.

Avoiding opportunities can be tempting too, especially if you are afraid of change, or if it is the opportunity to sell drugs or something in which case AVOID.  I am glad I have taken opportunities recently that I was initially resisting.  I'm glad I took the opportunity to come back to the US to finish my schooling (I was fighting against that pretty hard).  It opened up so many positive things for me.  I'm getting all sappy now!

Consider what opportunities lay in front of you and which you can create for yourself.

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