Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The End of School

A picture of the sunset in Newport RI
Maaan!  There has been a whole lot going on recently.  To begin with, I have completed my time in Providence at Johnson & Wales.  Woohoo!  I definitely have many reflections on my time there.  It was more of a growing experience than I expected.  I met some really wonderful people, understood humanity more, opened my eyes to social justice and society, created relationships, ate amazing food, volunteered, helped animals, was able to foster my relationship with Miguel, and, of course, was able to finish my degree.  Now technically I am not done with my schooling as I have 2 weeks left of an online course, which keeps me on my insurance ;)

I was able to get the majority of my stuff out of the apartment and brought it home to CT.  My parents were also just moving when I got home, which has been fun, we are still in the process!  I had my bunion surgery on July 29th, which is such a relief to have finished.  I'm just waiting for my foot to heal now.

The move is interesting because we have really moved to a smaller home.  It is one floor on the 2nd floor of a building.  It is quite spacious actually, surprisingly so, but it is still too small for our stuff!  This comes as something of a reality check to my mom, and I'm sure my dad too, that we really do need to downsize.  We don't need 5 mixing spoons, or 4 cheese trays, or 3 pasta makers, or 10 bread pans.  We really don't need so much stuff.  It is nice to see the THINGS finally being donated or removed from the house.  It gives me inspiration to reduce my stuff again.  I have done some rather large overhauls in the past, but I think it is time for another since I will be moving after my foot heals.

The surgery was something that needed to be done.  I've had a painful bunion on my right foot since I was about 9 years old.  I did everything from wearing orthodics for years to sleeping with strange contraptions that were supposed to align my toe.  Nothing worked and I love being active.  the hospitality industry, and anything else I want to do with my life will involve plenty of time on my feet.  So, once school finished this was the best time to do the surgery.  If not now, then later, which would be more impractical.  I was building it up so much in my mind and I can't believe it is finally done.  The procedure itself was smooth.  The worst part was getting the IV stuck and that just felt like a blood test.  They knocked me out and I don't even remember being asked to count backwards, but apparently I made it from 100 down to 93.  Next thing I know I'm dreaming of green juices and smoothies and rambling about it too when they wake me up.

So now I'm laying down out of the way of the moving activities and letting my foot heal.  Elevated with ice on the ankle.  I've been 2 days now without the pain meds, they make me ill, and I've been feeling good.  I give credit to my high raw vegan diet I've been focusing on.  Lots of leafy greens, fresh fruits, and mommy's lentil stew :D as well as tea, coconut water, and green smoothies!  I've had plenty of time to relax and I'm already getting antsy to run around outside.  I'm trying to do little exercises and learn Swedish so I don't completely waste away!


Christine (The Raw Project) said...

Wow, it's been very busy for you. Glad the surgery went well! Pain meds would probably have the same effect on me too.

Lia said...

Thanks! It has been busy, but in a good moving forward way!