Monday, July 18, 2011

Animal Sanctuary

I spent Sunday in Barre, MA helping out.  They rescue abused or suffering farm animals and bring them here to have sanctuary

7 year old dairy cow (more like a dog!).  She stopped producing milk so she was gonna be killed.  Now she has 13 more lovely years to live

A wild mustang rescued from a life of carriage rides, and a donkey rescued from hauling logs until collapsing form exhaustion

These chicken were left as chicks in a post office to die when nobody came to pick them up.  Someone called the sanctuary

These gals are in the group of full-grown chickens and these two are genetically modified to have fewer feathers on their necks.  The one on the right was the first GM works, the one on the left is the 2nd GM works (they got more feathers off that time).   It gives a cleaner kill and bigger breasts but a hard time being accepted by the other chickens

Here is a snapshot of the gardens and pasture.  It really does look like a sanctuary doesn't it?  The critters get to nibble the garden greens too!

Time for work!  We were to paint the barn!  This is the before shot.  It still needs to be finished priming and then we paint it.

The wonderful, amazing Helen and Steve at work painting.  I was helping too, just taking a photo break!  It was so rewarding!

We put a second coat on the already red side and did most of the primed side - to as high as we could reach.  the sun was getting low and our tunnies were growling.

Vegan BBQ!  We had "hamburgers" and "hot dogs," things I have not indulged on in a looong time!  Boy was I excited!

They make their own relish and pickles! AMAZING stuff!  I contributed with a carrot zucchini kale salad with miso tahini ginger dressing.  WE finished up with a delicious cherry muffin made by an 80 year old who has been vegan for 38 years!  that is true awesomeness!

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