Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Great Day of Problems

Funny title maybe.  My English class had us form groups and do papers and presentations on topics that we found to be important issues.  My group chose to do the effects of eating animals, the other groups did human trafficking and child trafficking.  Today was a day of enlightening passion.  It was really so so so nice to see!  When people care about something, you remember why we are alive, what it is to be human, and that it is passion that brings change.

First of all the human trafficking was enlightening enough.  I really didn't know much about its existence, so every fact intrigued me and got my blood pumping.  Then, when the next group discussed child trafficking and showed a video in Thailand of a little girl in her pajamas being marketed, essentially, by her older man "manager," I felt outraged and insulted.  I really can't believe it and though I had heard about it, having a visual really hits home.  That group created a facebook group because they were so moved.  Please check it out and see what this is about because human trafficking is EVERYWHERE!  It is not just in Thailand.  It is in the USA, in Canada, in Mexico, in Europe, in Asia.  It is a really eye opening subject

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