Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fitness and Food

It has been a while since I wrote about these topics.  I love them both, and love to talk about them plenty.  I actually used to have complaints from friends that I talked about these topics too much.  They were getting tired of hearing me get excited about fitness, working out, nutrition, food philosophies, etc. so I stopped....for the most part.  I have to actively curb my excitement when either of these topics come up.  I restrain the excited kid inside of me from jumping out and dancing around gabbing away and asking a million questions.  When I find like minded individuals, or people who are curious about these topics, I can't keep my heart from melting.

I bring this up for a few reasons.  First of all, the summer always encourages me to be more active and I LOVE it.  I love walking to and from school, even in this sketchy area, and I love feeling the energy boost the sunshine gives me.  I also crave lighter foods and tons of salads and smoothies, which are my energy foods!  Even in the winter, if I eat more of these, I feel so much more energetic throughout the day and week.  This energy makes me want to expend it on fun activities and even the gym.  This activity makes me want healthy food, and the cycle continues.

The other reason I mention this is because a fair few people have asked me in the past few months why I don't get into that industry, or study it at least.  These questions have made me wonder the same thing.  I am not going to drop out of school with a month left to pursue a new degree, don't worry daddy you can put the phone down, but I have been thinking about ways I can get involved and learn about these topics.  Food is a main focus of mine, and I have started finding nearby places and organizations that relate to the kind of food topics that get my heart pumping.  I may, in the future, become a certified dietician, or work for a company that promotes healthful lifestyles.  Who knows.

Any direction toward these passions will feel right and get me excited to think about.  I will hopefully be able to combine hospitality with healthy living and make a difference, or educate people on how they can prevent disease through diet.  Things like that would make me feel truly accomplished.

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Sabah said...

Iam sure you will make a big difference. you already are.