Monday, January 24, 2011

Tea with Winter

This past weekend I was in Chicago visiting old friends from years gone by.

Ms. Mara and Me!

Charlie and Dovile being wonderful :D


Miguel and Me :D awesome!!

The Girls reunited !!!

The Bean?

Oh whose that in the bean???

Chicago view from the Wit Hotel

So, I have now had my sort of first real taste of Chicago.  Before it was to see Khaled at school, which was always a rather short endeavor unfortunately.  This time I got to visit more of downtown and see some of the places.  It is a cleaner more relaxed version of NYC, which was nice.  It was COLD though!!  I was somewhat thinking that my return to Rhode Island would entail warmer versions of winter, but upon landing I found ti to be COLDER here than in Chicago!!!  Hahaha.  I could only find it humorous.

The weekend overall was amazing, and is a nice starting point for some new memories to blossom from :)

Now I sit and drink Mate tea to keep warm and stay away form the windows.  Listening to Owl City, the Shins, and some wonderful Postal Service while I finish learning about Food Safety and Sanitation.

I also wanted to send some love to the way of my dearest dad who is beginning his classes today!! Returning to college to learn about baking and pastry!!  I'm so proud and excited for him!!!

Life is great and it all feels gooood!

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