Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lock Out!

Sometimes it takes climbing through an apartment window to remember what you love in life!  I had the smart idea to leave my keys in my apartment this morning, so I found myself banging at my apartment's front door hoping someone might hear me.  I thought that if I could get into the front door, then I could break into my apartment door.  Also, it happened to start snowing when I found myself in this situation.  My efforts were to no avail!  So I felt I was justified to go to Starbucks and provide myself with a pumpkin spiced latte, and having missed the bus, I walked the 20 minutes through this:
The "sidewalk"

After warming and drying off in my home away from home, I found out that one of our apartment friends actually was home!  Brett gave me his phone number and I caught the bus back, to be let in.  I tried my darndest to use my ID card to break into my apartment, but again failed.  Brett was kind enough to let me climb through his window, and use a chair to reach the window ledge of our living room, a floor above.  This is something Jeff has done before, so it was doable.  As Brett pushed my feet up, I pulled and scurried and was able to open the window and escape to the warm dry living room.  I yelled thanks and ran to the shower.  AAAhhhhhhh!!!

My point here is that as I was enjoying the hot water, I remembered how much I love doing stuff like that.  Climbing on things and random adventures :D  They make me very happy.  Very very happy.  There are some big decisions coming my way soon, regarding where I will go and what I will do.  It was nice to get the feeling again that I do, in fact, know what I want, to an extent, and should direct myself that way.  So fun adventures, slightly rugged......?

Just thought this early morning view from my school was nice :)

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