Sunday, February 6, 2011

Stress and Iron

I thought today about how I should get straight back to Rhode Island and get working on my big project for my Sales & Meeting Management class.  I was feeling particularly high-strung and energetic on my drive back from CT, and was somewhat overcome with the need to go to the gym and take out my excess energy on the weights, or on the treadmill (sprints anyone)?  It occurred to me that my propensity to want to workout came from the feeling of stress that has been lingering over me.  This week is setting itself up to be very intense, an I'm glad I have my energy outlet.  I also realized that it is such a good thing to do when stressing because it REALLY helps to clear the mind and settle you down.  Afterwards, you can focus much better and, often, you come out of it with a bit more perspective.  Pushing your body is grounding.  A reminder of what you are :)

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Sabah said...

You are soo right. I used to do that before I got stuck with the office working hours. But working out kept me sane for many years when i needed to :D. keep it up wise baby :)