Saturday, November 20, 2010


Some recent adventures Alan and I went on.  also known as a brief excursion out of Abu Dhabi.  This was about a week and half ago or 2 weeks ago.

The Dubai Marina

The Cafe I used to go to when I was young with my mom!  In Jumeirah

Inside view.  Delicious strawberry tarts!  That's Mr. Gerard, the owner!

The famous cappuchinos

We found the Burj Al Arab, but couldn't go in due to the high entrance fee...

So, we went to a Jumeirah resort instead and enjoyed some drinks by the beach

We also found the Burj Al Khalifa, more like a skinny mountain than a building....

We had the amazing opportunity to stay at the 5 star W hotel in an amazing room in Doha.  This was en route to Egypt, out layover was about 13 hours.  We enjoyed the hotel's Mexican flared restaurant along with their nightclub!  We woke up too early to catch the connecting flight to Cairo! 

And we saw the Pyramids.  This was Alan's first visit and my second, but I don't really remember it from when I was so young...

Isn't it beautiful?

Ready to take on anything and anyone!

When in Egypt...

Ride a Camel.

First timer...lookin gooood

Overcome by excitement :D


No words.....

We add spice to the picture

The Sphynx

The Sphynx chose Alan

Alan chose the Sphynx

I decided to change my nationality

Alan wanted to be Emirate

Oh man

Nile cruise excitement, overcome again ;P

The bow and a sorrowful excuse of a picture of the Nile

Our time in Doha was absolutely wonderful, seeing Karim , a friend of Alan's from Les Roches, and another friend named Jenna.  We were so grateful for everything they did for us, from lending me a pair of heels for the nightclub, to treating us to a Jaguar drive to the airport the next morning!

Our Egypt trip included chaotic taxi driving with a very intentional accident by a truck.  Mexico has no claim to crazy driving next to Cairo.  Just had to say that for the record.  The pictures above of Egypt occurred on our first day there.  Our plans for the second day were adjusted from "gambling with our lives and sense of happiness by getting into another car" to lounging safely and comfortably by the pool with a view of the pyramids, learning the strategies of chess and reading.  We were both very glad with our decision!  Amazing experience overall, though.

From Friday to Monday, we enjoyed our time together traveling again.  Having adventures never to be forgotten.

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