Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Sorry about my lack of presence recently. Life has been going on pretty strongly recently. I do not want to go through all of the details of everything right now for the sake of privacy, but I will give a general overview.

In the end, Hyatt was looking like it would work out, which was extremely wonderful to find out. I however have found myself in a change of circumstance and therefore let them know that any considerations should be stopped. I decided, with the help of the advices of many more experienced, that it would be better to get back to school and finish my degree. This completion will help me to feel more established, more grown up, and will remove the lagging final step. Once I finish, I will also be able to get a better position, and more opportunities will be available. I was of the mind to remain in the Middle East and work with Hyatt, but I was told that I needn't continue just for the sake of stubborness and I should take my parent's helping hand and go home now. That ended up seeming like the most appropriate course of action too.

And so, I will be leaving Abu Dhabi on the 17th. I am both sad and glad about it. Abu dhabi and I have bonded since my initial trepidations. I will especially look back on my time with Mariam and Anwar with a lot of warmth. It was an amazing thing to reconnect with my family and culture. Ismael and Suha, my cousin and his wife, will also be missed greatly. Nobody will be missed more than Alan, though.

I will dedicate more details on a later date, but this is all I have for now.

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