Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Back in the USA

I'm back!  I'm going back to school.  In 2 weeks I applied, bugged my old schools for transcripts, and got accepted to Johnson & Wales University.  This happened at 2 am Abu Dhabi time when I received a text from my lovely parents.  I immediately notified Uncle Anwar and Aunty Mariam and we celebrated with a nice hot cup of tea!  I love them!  What a rush!  I flew home a day or so later.  13.5 hours on Etihad airways.  I had the glory of a row of 4 seats all to myself!  This flight went by so much faster and more smoothly than my flight to Abu Dhabi.  Not much to report there.  Enjoyed lounging!

The day after landing my dad took me to Providence Rhode Island to look at the school, and to check out some apartments that I tracked down on Craig's list.  I ended up meeting with the transfer representative who helped me with a lot of questions I had.  I am still working on getting everything sorted before I head out there on the 29th.  I decided on living with a couple and their dog.  Courtney, the girl, worked as a chef, and actually went to JWU culinary program.  Jeff, her boyfriend, is still a student, I think at Brown.

And so life goes.  I will be posting up a picture series of the past posts since I couldn't upload pictures in Abu Dhabi easily...or at all, so get ready for that!

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