Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Hello All!

I have decided to restart my blog in a more private fashion.  I will be focusing more on the adventures and travels as well as tid bits about developments in my life and all of that fun stuff.  Recipes will pop up every now and then of course.  To recap since November of 2009:

I finished my management semester with a higher average than I expected, which pleased me of course.  Did not fail my big IP project, which was a relief.  Alan and I moved to Connecticut/New York for 6 months for my internship at the Waldorf=Astoria.  I started at the Front Desk, but after only about a month they moved me into the Lost & Found Department.  I was in charge of it, which was actually pretty cool.  I learned a whole lot more from it than I expected, and I was part of the security department, so I got to know them very well and even got to do some security officer training.  i did a side project of bringing some awareness and knowledge about healthy living to the employees.  I got to see parts of the hotel most have not, and ran into an old Les Roches classmate too!  All in all I ended up enjoying it, after not enjoying it initially, and learning a lot.  Alan began by working in a Lebanese restaurant called Al Bustan, which he helped to open.  He was consulted for the lounge, wine list, cocktails, layout, furniture, etc.  When that finished he went to Europe for 1 month, at which point all of our things moved from NYC apartments to my parents home in CT.  While in Europe he did his big interview with Starwood, which was a success!  Upon his return he began working as a server in a nice Italian restaurant very close to the house.

As my internship came to a close my sister Erika and my nephew Chase came for about a month to stay with us.  It was a really wonderful thing to bond and spend so much time with family I had not seen much of before.  With thier help the whole lot of us moved from one house to another, which will be rented for one year, then there are plans for my parents to move to Costa Rica.  By mid July, Alan and I packed up our things and flew to Mexico, where we met up with Richard, a German friend from school.

From this point I have the stories written out and I'm post them as seperate entries.  I'm glad to be writing again!


Right on Q said...

Glad to see you writing again Lia

I went through and read your older stuff... They brought back memories (both good and bad) (mostly good)... Hope to bump into you in the near future... so I see my name in your blog again...



Sabah said...

Yeey. Iam glad you'r back.