Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'm a Busy Slacker...I Know

So yah, I've been completely neglecting my blog. I've even been neglecting my Reader, which rarely happens. I don't THINK I've been so busy, but maybe I have been. I guess I just haven't been spending a lot of relaxing time on my computer recently, it has mostly been for crazy school project work, and going over things with people about stressy stuff. I'll provide a quick update and certain thoughts.


It is coming to an end and I am feeling the crunch of trying to get as many experiences out of the last few weeks as possible. Because I was new to this batch, Summer Batch, I did not KNOW many people, and by now, I have settled in and made some really good friends, who I will miss and also will wish I could have had the time to bond with more. But that is life and that is especially the life of someone in Hospitality. This week is full of projects and presentations that need finishing up as well as a couple exams. Do you remember that crazy big project, my IP, that was stressing me out before with my group and all? Well, we have to present tomorrow, and working together again to create a QUALITY presentation is certainly getting to me. I will be very glad when this week is finished.


I've been teaching Yoga classes every Mon and Tues and doing a bit of personal training for my regular Woman's Fitness girl. It's been good. I don't feel like I've been commiting myself as much as I like to, to working out consistantly and pushing myself. Actually I think Yoga is keeping my muscle tone and strength better than I expected because, though I haven't been doing much weight training at all, my pull ups have gotten BETTER! I was surprised. And Glad :) The boyf, Alan, said that I am being obsessive about wanting to work out MORE, but I am used to a much more active life than the one I am living right now. I mean I ENJOY working out often. I really love moving and pushing myself, so I just feel like something is missing from my life when I don't make time to workout. Anyway.


I'm still waiting to hear back from any potential internships, but I'm confident about going home and finding a job pretty easily. I mean I'm happy with working as a waitress, or at the fornt desk of a hotel, so.....I would prefer to work in Manhatan and get my own Apt, but we'll see how things play out.


Of course I've been enjoying things here on top of stressing about things. I did run the 10 k in Lausanne and FINALLY got the pictures off of the stagiere. SO here they are:

Warming up

No pictures during the race, but here is my friend and trusty Yoga partner Sabrina who ran with us. She is an amazing runner and set the new record for women in her age group lastyear I believe.

Here is a very tired me finishing. My time was 55.22.something, which I was very happy about. Especially since last year I ran it in 1 hour 23 minutes because I walked A LOT of it. I didn't walk once this time, I was amazed! But really, long distance runnng isn't my thing. I'm more of a hiker or sprinter.

Here we are exhausted and happy waiting for the rest of the group to get in.

Alan's time was 52 minutes and something, which was really cool sinceI literally convinced him to come the night before the race and he hadn't been running regularly, so I will admit my pleasant surprise at his accomplishment.

Some more of my friends playing around on the pedestals

And all together now. I'm in the middle with the boy in plaid shorts :)


sub said...

That's great - 9 minute miles! Can't wait to run with you here in the spring! We can be a father/daughter team!

Anonymous said...

great captures