Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Arriving in Mexico

Beginning of trip-around July 20th I've been finally feeling like I can relax and feel calm.  Alan even said that he noticed my shoulders have been dropping and my face is looking more "well" which is nice.  I'm still adjusting to not having to commute an hour and a half to work everyday, or worry about anything.  I forgot what it is like to have no plans what so ever and just feel and do how the day goes.  Our schedule is very open, which is nice, and the rain has actually prevented us from going out of the house much to see the sights.  It seems like it will be raining to some degree everyday for the next few weeks.  It has been pretty consistent since we landed.

Richard, a German friend from school is also here for 3 weeks, so we have been all having fun.  Richard also broke his arm in the exact same place as my mom by falling down when he was playing soccer.  He got screws in the bone and set off the metal detector in the airport. His stitches are not healed yet though.  And he is still in a removable cast and cannot move his fingers very well.

Tonight we are going to the VIP cinema, where the chairs recline and there are servers who come to your chair and serve you.  It is very nice.  Otherwise we have gone to some really nice markets and essentially just been enjoying the house and chilling.  All fun

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