Friday, September 10, 2010


I just wanted to pass on some of what I've been up to since last time.  The majority of my time was spent really doing nothing, to the point of feeling like I was doing a bit too much of nothing.  Been eating really delicious food of course.  I've got the Drummond family recipes, and my next task is to translate them into english for reference.  I am still learning spanish, though somewhat more slowly than anticipated due to lack of planning.  I watched the movie Great Expectations, which is a modern version of the play, and it was very well done, and very heart clenching.  I cried pretty hard.  I've also been doing a lot of paint by number.  It is coming along nicely.  I tend to have mornings to myslf, which is when I paint it.  Richard and Alan tend to sleep a few hours longer than I do, but they tend to stay up later as well :)
We took trip to Acapulco.  We left on Friday and returned to Mexico City on sunday.  It was very nice.  Friday was really rainy, so when we arrived we spent most of the day in the mall chatting and went to see Salt.  It was entertaining, nothing extrordinary though.  Then we met up with Alan's friend, Kekey, who was staying in the house owned by another friend.  It is located in a security guarded community of people who can afford to own a home in Acapulco, walking distance from the beach.  It was barebones!!  Hahaha, there was nothing inside except one couch and an army spring and canvas "cot" if it could even be called that.  Alan's friends had arrived earlier and the owner had bought them a couple of cheap beds.  Alan and I got the couch with a sleeping bag we brought from his home and Richard got the weird army bed thing.  It was something of a laugh, but I slept amazingly well and we all really enjoyed the house.  
The first night the boys went out clubbing and I stayed in the house and passed out early, as usual.  the next day though, we went to a place called The Beach Club and it is a rather exclusive day club that basically takes advantage of the clubbing scene but during the day and creates a beach party ambience very successsfully.  Alan always seems to have the right friends because we got in for free by taking Kekey's advice and telling the security that we were invited as guests of the manager, which we were not.  The security guard called the manager and said an Alan was here as his guest with 4 friends, and I guess the manager said fine, and we went in.  He must have been busy or couldn't recall his special friends who he gave invites too hahaha.   When you know how these industries work, you know how to work it I guess.  It was a really posh place and so beautiul.  The lounge chairs were covered with plush deep red towels and set so that they looked like king sized beds placed by a meandering pool.  There was a little path to the beach too, which we walked around for a while.
That night we explored the tourist night scene, full of rowdy bars and girls dancing, trying to lure people in.  The sad part was at 3 AM seeing little children walking around trying to sell things with thier mother or father, or some parents who clearly were not done growing up because they actually took thier kids out to bars and clubs while they drank and had fun and ingored these 4 year old children.  I kept thinking how easy it would be for someone to snatch the kids that would lag behind or wander off.  I guess I'm becoming more grown up and responsible, or maybe it is just my maternal instinct.
Sunday, we went a bit out of Acapulco to a more local beach, which have restaurants right on the beach.  We went to one called La Morena where you pick the fish and the shrimps that you want from the fish they have caught, or bought from a fish market (I'm not entirely sure which one is true).  I picked the freshest of the local fish (they are all fresh), and Alan picked the shrimps and they cooked the fish in a traditional way with tons of spices and garlic and red chili and they cut it open so it lies flat and they cook it over fire and coals. We ate it by hand with fresh handmade tortillas and lime!  Wow!  Amazing!  They also cooked the shrimp in some amazing way with garlic butter, but better.  We sipped pina coladas from freshly opened coconuts and layed in the hammock they brought for us.  After digesting we went to the waves!  This part of the beach is turmoil!  It is not calm and relaxing waves, it is big tunneling waves with strong tides and currents that will toss you around and flip you upside down underwater.  And that is what we let them do for a good long while, until our muscles asked for another pina colada, and perhaps some frozen yogurt.
We then drove back to Mexico City, very thankful for fresh sheets, showers, and a soft bed. So, as you can see things have been going fairly well, though I started to get some tummy troubles the last couple of days, but I'm somewhat used to tummy issues by now.

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