Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Yay life

Soooo Sorry for being MIA recently. I've been distracted. But I have also been up to a lot of fun stuff!! I have more pictures! YAY! My exploits have kept me away from the blogging attention. Here are some recent things I have been up to.....

First off, after Barcelona, I cut Arjun's hair. He's from India. Before and after pictures supplied.

What do you think? I just cleaned it up for him more or less.

I thought I would take some pictures in school for you to see. I'll take some more interesting ones later though of how our school functions. So these are two of my classmates/friends. On the left is Ludo form Mexico, and the right is my Jiu Jitzu buddy Arber from Albania. This is during break.

Oh hey it's me, with terrible lighting....

Now, last Friday, I went to Leukerbad to experience the hotspring! I was so excited and it was really quite perfect! 20 chf entrance for 3 hours of awesomeness. There were even water slides hahaha! That is the cost of one drink at our local club....which would I rather choose, clearly the spa :D

This is the indoor part, which has cool features like jets positioned at different heights to give you a full body massage as you walk along the wall. There is a little archway with an exit to the outer pools. Different pools have different temepratures so you can move between them as you see fit.

I think this is a really weird looking picture, but it is Alan bobbing in the outside pool.

The guys, from left to right, Richard (German I think), Alan (Mexican English), Filip (German as well). Sorry for the blurryness.

I just love this picture of Filip! Hahahaha!

Alan and I

Me enjoying the water :)

More relaxing with the steam in the dark looking at the mountain silouettes and stars.

Next sequence is from RIGHT after I got back from the hotsprings. I had a class party and here we are. M6!

This is Illija, Russian Swedish, and me, Palestinian American.

Some guys not in my class, except Jonas in the corner

Here is Isabella, Latin America, and Ana Paola, Mexico I think

More randomness, notice my glass does not have beer in it

I donno what we were playing, some strange Swedish card game. The reason I pointed out the countries people were from is because I think it is awesome how we all come from everywhere, and wanted to show that. I love that spect of my school :)

And one last picture from class yesterday. Food and Beverage Management class is not the most fun thing, so I took pictures hahaha and tried to kill time some how. But here is a little glimpse of my class.


Ron said...

Very cool pictures, looks like you are enjoying what life brings you!

Sabah said...

Another nice photo rtip :) . Good hair cut too. really

antgirl said...

Gees, Lia! Everyone at your school is freaking gorgeous. That's really distracting. :) Glad you're having such a great time.

You give a great hair cut.

Diana said...

So what's the deal that everyone you know is so pretty? Even the boys are pretty. You're pretty, you're girlfriends are pretty. Is the fresh mountain air? The great food? The fun you're having? Or is it youth?

Whatever it is you sure look like you're having a really great time. I'm glad you're enjoying your life. I have a feeling no matter where you are or who you're with, you'll enjoy life. That's just you. :)