Friday, October 23, 2009

The End of Barcelona

The last bit of Barcelona is not as exciting since we mostly did a lot of relaxing in the form of a dance club, not featured here, a night at the bar enjoying the most amazing Sangria I've ever had, a shopping day (in which I bought a new winter coat, desperately needed), and exploring restaurants which I forgot my camera for.....I'm not the best blogger I know I'm sorry. We did go to a restaurant called Little Italy, which was a really nice Italian place. Great atmosphere, nice food, good lunch deal! I encourage anyone to go there if they check out Barcelona. The other food experience of yummyness was a small restaurant called Udon. It was a noodle place that really managed to take noodles to the next level of goodness. I'm reallllyyy not a noodle or pasta person, but I got the soba noodles with tofu in a broth. Yummmm, and they had lava cake with home made "ice cream". It was fresh raspberry puree in a sweet cream so that they were seperate layers but perfectly complimented in your mouth. Anywayyyy. Here are the last few pictures, no restaurants unfortunately!

I just liked this sign, we didn't actually eat here.

We went to the stree Las Ramblas, a rather touristic area with the Mercat Boqueria! It is a famous market in Barcelona. We had just had a big lunch, so were not hungry enough to enjoy to bounty, though we did get Gelato there nummmm...

Gelato!!! I got the Ferrero Rocher one!

And so ended our adventures in Spain. It was definitely one of my favorite vactions, probably because it was just friends out having fun. No offense to the family, but there is a huge difference in a family vacation and a friends vacation. Perhaps I was just too young to really appreciate family vacations, or our tastes are just a bit different (campers vs pamperers; healthy eating vs indifference-though that has changed now-) Actually I think that since we have all seperated, going to college and such, we have somehow managed to become more similar than when we all lived together. The whole family has become increasingly aware of health and the state of our food. Now, we are ALL active and into exercise. We all enjoy cooking, some prefer bread, others raw desserts, and some game meats. It's kinda cool, actually, looking at it now. And we will all be back together in December, living under the same roof for potentially 6 months. It will be different than I remember, but I think we all "get each other" better now. Should be good. I'm actually really excited. Especially to share some of my new "uncooking" skills (I'll be able to afford regular produce purchases again when I get home....Barcelona made my budget vanish....we live and learn).

Back to the topic at hand. We drove back from Barcelona for something close to 13 hours.....11 of which was in my hands! So, daddy and mommy, you should have faith in my ability to drive for long stretches of time now, ok? ;) Our navigation system was helpful enough to lead us through the back roads and over mountains to get home, extending our road time, and irritability, as well as relief to be back in Bluche, something we were previously not looking forward to. The next morning, as always, I woke up bright and early to see a welcome sight:


antgirl said...

That market looks absolutely fantastic. I wish that was more the norm over here. Ya know?

Looks like a fabulous trip.

Sabah said...

Glad to know that. Nice briefing. I sure want to see Barcelona next time I get to travel toEurope . See you in December

Ron said...

Glad you enjoyed your vacation!!

Diana said...

The Gelato - oh my that looks delicious!

The picture I like the best...the last one when you're back at school. So beautiful and peaceful. Love it.

Anonymous said...

I know it is quite a beautiful as well as a romantic city :)