Friday, October 16, 2009

Barcelona Part 3


Sorry for taking so long to post this part. School got distracting as did my awkward choices of internet locations that don't allow me to upload pictures to my blog... This part focuses on our day of experiencing Gaudi.

Who is Gaudi? Well, he was an architect in Barcelona, one of the most creative and, in my opinion, faerie-like. Born in 1852 and died in 1926 after being run over by a tram.... He designed the buildings in the pictures below, and I will give a bit of a description of them.

Below is Casa Batllo, built in 1877, also known as the House of Bones, for obvious reasons. Very nice to look at. Kinda creepy, skull-like situation, but awesome!

Casa Mila, La Pedrera, built from 1906-1910. Built for a couple. Nice house.

We went inside for the tour and, though I didn't take pictures of on of the apartments simply because it wasn't that interesting, I did take pictures of some corridors that led to the roof.

And the roof!! Sooo cool! Anyone?

We could see the Sagrada Familia, one of Gaudi's most famous projects, which I'll mention later.

This is in the entrance. The ceiling is so cool, and how the pillars look like they are creating ripples...he was so clever.

Here we are at the Sagrada Familia under construction starting in 1882 and should be done in 2026.....yahhh crazy eh? This is because Gaudi's plans were being developed while he was alive, and after he died, the most recent plans were destroyed, so the construction has been having some issues coming to a close. Not to mention how epic the plans are, taking a substantial amount of time in that respect alone. It's huge by the way

Just look at the details in ONE part of it....

I'm not really a religious person, but I love and appreciate the passion and effort that goes into these monuments to beliefs.

When I see these kinds of places, I wonder where the passion went.

We were pretty well exhausted after the day of walking, so we had some Mojitos and nachos, more cliche college pictures hahaha

The next day we went shoppin I think and happened upon more beauty randomly. Random beauty is the best :D

Yah, Rohan and VJ chilling

The next day, Tahir and I woke up "early," which means 8 which is late for me for some reason that does not go with my collegiate status, but whatever...We wanted to go to Park Guell, which was designed by Gaudi and it is a whole park, so it is quite the experience.

This was the way to get there....really now, REALLY! It got steeper too as you got closer. I love Europe for so many reasons.

Welcome to Park Guell. This was the main open are where there were all these beautiful seats. In the open area were people selling necklaces and scarves. Tahir has a really nice picture of this, though I donno when he will post it.

Those are pillars. They are awesome. He based a lot of his designs on nature if you can't tell.

The mosaic cealing under the flat area. Pillars were holding it up and the whole ceiling is designed.

This is the famous Salamander. A mosaic fountain.

Here is the perspective shot. On top of the pillars is the flat area with the benches and below it is the mosaic ceiling. Then the Salamander and other fountains are in front. so nice. He knew what he was doing. I'd live here.

We said goodbye to Park Guell.....

We got back to the room at something close to 1.30 or 2 and they were just getting out of bed. :) I really loved this park, and I'm sorry, but Central Park can't compete. That was really the end of our Gaudi adventures. Until next time, which won't take as long I promise


Anonymous said...

you just made me speechless with this stunning images

Diana said...

Wow, the archecticture is unbelievably beautiful. It makes me want to go to Barcelona and experience it firsthand.