Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Barcelona Par 2

And the journey continues! Through Spain and after hours of driving....

We finally have signs for Barcelona!!! Wooohooo!! Though 200 km away...

We entered the city all giddy....

We were met by Tahir, who flew in free using his miles! Lucky him. He got to do some sightseeing before we arrived. He became our guide through the city.

And we parked the car and walked to our somewhat sketchy location, which I completely forgot to take any pictures of for some reason. I must have been too relieved to get out of the car...

Dinner was immediately necessary, and so I had my first taste of Spain in the form of the most delicious Paella ever. You see Mussels, Clams, Langoustines, and squid.

And so the first day ended. It was 2 to a room hahaha, great college adventures. I, of course, woke up bright and early the next morning at 7 or something, before Tahir's "early" alarm went off, and promptly decided I could not be awake alone. Thus began our week long early morning trip to Starbucks (Yesss I DID!!!) and sightseeing.

Nummmmm, I love me some Starbucks!

Checked out some Gothic buildings

I wish I was a good tourist and remembered the names, but I'm not and I didn't. Tahir will probably label them on his site, but to me it was just beauty and history that I saw, not names. Good justification eh? That's how I get A's!

I need ot get my hands on a picture of me sitting on one of the bikes here. Really pretty picture though. I loved the alleys in the city.

And we went to a park with tons of statues and parrots and random stuff. I fell in love with this one.

We then rather unintentionally stumbled upon the Arc De Triomph. It was nice. I didn't know anything about it, so to be honest it didn't really intrigue me. It did, however, end up becoming our designated meeting spot whnever we tried to find a cheaper place to park the car and half our party was on foot getting lost.

When everyone else woke up we headed out again for more walking adventures. And what is a touristic experience without the street musicians whose CD we bought and kept us company for the rest of our, otherwise radio dependant, trip? I donno what the drum thing is, but it made the msot amazing noise. Very tranquil. Then the Didgeridoos of course.

And more sightseeing. After this building we did our Gaudi THANG. I will feature that in the next post.


antgirl said...

beautiful! those prawns look delish!

Sabah said...

You sure make a very good travel writer .Here is a new career for you :).
Nice pics and comments. too bad rhere are no pictures of you . Thatwaht happens when youare the photographer.

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot for sharing these beautiful images. I am huge fan of lobster