Saturday, September 5, 2009

Tummy Trouble

So I did not end up going to Milan, but was instead throwing up. Yeeaahhhhh... My tummy was not feeling well at all during the day yesterday, this is pre beverages, so it was not alcohol induced. I even got sick at Tahir's birthday :( So, we went out dancing and I got sick AGAIN, so I ended up not feeling up for a 3 hour bus ride to Milan. I actually ended up sleeping most of the day hoping for a better tummy. I have pictures of the birthday and a new kitchen appliance I did invest in, but I will have to upload them later, as I am not on my own computer etc. right now. I'm feeling better, but still off. Moodyness is still there too, but I did have a good chat with Tahir and I feel a lot better in that department too, thanks Tahir!

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