Sunday, September 6, 2009


The weather has certainly changed here, bringing with it a HUGE wave of nostalgia and memories. Fall does that for me. Perhaps it is because of the many many years of school starting as the weather turns, or the return to home after a summer away in the woods. I think nutmeg, cinnemon, and pumpkin :D I think warm sweaters and fluffy blankets, the cold when you get out of the shower, the crispy smell of browning leaves. Sooo nice. I love taking hikes in the fall....I'm definitely homesick about now. But anyway, it is already September, I cannot believe things are moving so quickly. Time is shimmying away from me this semester, way faster than last semester. Midterm break is next month, and we still have not settled on where to go. Man oh man.

Here are some promsed pictures:

I'm the most stylish hiker ever hahaha! Yah, I definitely hiked up the mountain to the grocery store in a skirt and carried my groceries down the mountain. This is why the Swiss are in shape. In the white bag is my new kitchen applient/LOVE OF MY LIFE!

Yes, I did it. I bought the spiralizer. It was 55chf, but worth the investment. My hand held grater/mandolin was breaking already, how, I donno, couldn't handle the volume I suppose. I immediately put zuchini in and made my first proper zuchini pasta:

Whipped up some fresh coriander pesto, spiralized some carrots, and cut in some cherry tomatoes and you get my favorite dish ever:

Look at it a little longer.....ok That was Friday DAY. Friday NIGHT looked different:

What? Anyone? My friend Ursula had this on her bedside. I didn't know what to do so I took a picture of it. This was pre-party. IT was Tahir's birthday, so we got to preparing some surprises for him:

My friend Natalie made some Swedish Sticky Cake:

Not Vegan, but SOOOOO good. Then came the party:

SURPRISE! He was so happy hahahaha! It definitely looks like a college party...

Singing to Coldplay hahaha!

Being rediculous with Tahir.

Tahir's roomy, Sebastian, and Natalie, posing

It was a good night, and lots of fun, sans Lia getting sick. It is Sunday now, and I'm still feeling a bit off, but the weather is rejuvinating for sure. Alright. I think I've finished procrastinating my project work for now. I hope everyone is feeling the kiss of Autumn!


antgirl said...

That zucchini pasta looks amazing. Mmmm.

You are looking very stylish and very lovely. What a beautiful place!

Looks like a great party, too. :) Makes me miss college.

Sagan said...

Spiralizer looks like SO MUCH FUN. Fall is my favourite time of year.

You're adorable!

Sabah said...

I am glad you feel better . Youlook really cool and stylish with the shoping bag.
i think you should work for " food" magazines :) taking appetyzing pictures of food . ha ha.
lucky Tahir, all those lovely people celebrating his the blue berry pie.

Diana said...

I'm just getting caught up on everyone's blogs. Sorry to hear you were sick, but glad you reovered quickly (in time for party time :).

Love the pictures. Reminds me of college. And you are such a beautiful, healthy looking young woman. Really gorgeous.

Zucchini pasta, what a great idea. I don't know where I could buy one of those things here but I'm going to look around.