Thursday, September 3, 2009

A More Positive Post

So I've clearly been in a mood the past few days. That is so like me. BUT then I started to perk up about a minute ago. I felt the joy and passion return. Perspective returned yay! Phewww! Ride the waves knowing you will get to where you need to be. That is kind of my mentality about my moodiness. I wonder about it, hahaha! Honestly I can be such a moody woman sometimes and I wonder where it comes from. Sure, my mom would say "hormones" but a lot of times I get moody at no particular time of the month, so yah....At least I know it will pass in about the time it arrived so I don't take it too seriously. It is when it lasts more than 2 weeks that I get worried, but that is pretty rare. Lalalalala, okay life is good again. I've always thought I was more of a Gemini than a Cancer to be honest hahaaha! June 23rd, close enough. Do I have anything interesting to talk about besides my change of mood? Not really. I need a new watch because mine died ultimately and in so many ways, and I am going to Milan on Saturday! Woohoo! With friends, even better (I'm getting tired of doing everything alone...actually Tahir commented that I have a lot of pictures of me doing things...alone, yah.....the trouble with living off campus) I will have batteries by then, for my camera. PROMISE! Everyone is so pretty! Oh goodness, I'm back to giddy Lia mode. I must be crazy :D Makes life more interesting.


Sabah said...

just in case you didn't read my comment on your blog yesterday, here it is again with a follow up at the end.Good that you listened to your body. I don't think humans , or any other living creature , are meant to work continuesly without physical or mental rest. It is known that our biological clock( cicacian ..something) works in circles, we are at aour most awakness and activity from waking up in the morning till mid day. Then we need to slow down, even a short nap is encouraged to put the system in rest in line with the inner clock. The inner clock is our hormones, brain waves, blood circulation ,etc. they slow down at certain time of the day and night. So afternoon we are awake again untill evening,i.e. darkness.So my dear, you should slow down sometimes.Love you :)
Those mood swings are very very typical of females, especially at your age. ..Partially hormones, partially food or the life you are experiencing. The important thing is to be aware of what's going on and manage the situation/moment to get the best you want.You are doing great, having the right attitude about life, your mood and how to deal with those swings.Enjoy the new happy mood :)and Italy . I am soo jealous. :( take many pictures.

antgirl said...

Sabah had good advice.

If you're not taking much down time, I know that makes me moody. Maybe you need to recharge?

Hormones can sure be a bitch. :) They come into play more than we think.

Glad you're going to have some fun. Look forward to seeing the pics. That should help your mood, too. :)

Diana said...

Lia, you crack me up! I love your honesty and your moods. You're a very complicated young lady.

I'm glad you're back to the happy Lia, but nothing wrong with the moody Lia either. Just means your normal.

I like the idea of a week off. My arms have been hurting for about a month now and my workouts have been a struggle this week. Maybe some time off is what I need too.