Sunday, September 27, 2009

Running to the Funi

1. I went on an awesome hike this evening while the sun was disappearing. And I took some nice pictures. I was so excited to post them and then I realized that I left all my stuff in my apartment, so I had no cable to connect my camera to my computer...silly me.

2. I found this awesome link to remind you how important you are:

3. I have my Managerial Accounting midterm exam tomorrow. I feel pretty good about it.

4. I'M GOING TO BARCELONA FOR MIDTERM BREAK!!! WOOOOOO!!!!! Can you tell I'm not excited at allllllll ;) I will be sure to take lots of photos, BUT if you want some higher quality photos, you should check out my friend Tahir's blog, Shutter Speed. I'm going with him and some other friends, and he happens to be into photography and also has a really nice camera.

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